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I have been working as an independent seller for Herbalife for 5 years. I started as a member of Herbalife when
I was told by my doctor that my cholesterol and my blood pressure were severely high for being in my early twenties.

I heard about Herbalife from a friend of mine who told me it's not just a weight loss program but a different way
of life--a healthier life. After six months of being on the weight loss shakes I had lost twenty pounds. My cholesterol
went back to normal and my doctor took me off all my blood pressure medicines.

Today I have since lost all my extra weight and I'm now in a size 4 pants which was my size as a teen. I have more energy to work and be there for my children and grandchildren. To this day my blood pressure has stayed normal
and for my cholesterol I'm still at the normal range.

Become a member today and enjoy all the benefits Herbalife has to offer, including weight loss and healthy living.
We always have support groups and offers for our new members or new independent sellers.

If interested in being a member or independent Herbalife seller, please contact Jennifer Biddle
at 904-446-6931 or email me at

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